To be honest, strengthening him in academics was just a perk/bonus compared to what she deposited into our family mentally and spiritually. Teaching me how to teach him, giving me the tools to adjust my mental state to accommodate HIS GROWTH AT THE PACE HE NEEDED TO...

Augustine Family

My husband and I have been desperate to help our disabled son become potty trained. When I reached out to my local, support group on Facebook several Moms immediately told me to contact Sandra! I trust this group so much; I knew if several Moms referred the same...


Sandra, you have taught me to be okay with not responding to everything my child says or does. It’s okay to not respond because of my nonresponse is a response.


Sandra is more than my parent coach; she is my therapist. She listens, understands, and holds me accountable. She has a way of being gentle, yet lets me know when I am getting off course. I appreciate her guidance, support, and nonjudgmental approach.

~Harding Family

We have been working with Ms. Sandra for about a year in a half and prior to working with her our daughter wasn’t sleeping in her own bed, wasn’t making progress to being toilet trained and we found ourselves in a space of just trying to survive. I am excited to share...