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Sandra L. Thompson and Associates promise to continuously provide quality support to the community.

In 2018, Sandra L Thompson & Associates was founded with the goal of assisting families in the differently-abled community with various aspects of their lives, including education, parenthood, and life skills. We are committed to offering supplementary support that fosters independence, growth, and empowers parents. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of diverse communities and family dynamics, and we strive to achieve transformational experiences that last a lifetime.

Our approach is practical, unconventional, and systematic, utilizing a broad range of services and techniques to address specific needs and develop skills unique to each family. We take pride in the exceptional support we provide, and the transformative results we achieve.

We offer online coaching services for all things related to parenting, including emotional support, improving children’s life skills, resolving family conflicts, self-care, and balancing life. Our unique approach guides you on how to unleash your magic, trust the process, and hold yourself accountable.

Sandra L Thompson


Using her training and experience, Sandra empowers and positions families across the nation for success

Sandra is an expert in helping parents overcome feelings of resentment and hopelessness. Her main focus is to help parents achieve a balanced lifestyle and find joy in parenting while also holding them accountable and working with them to develop their children’s independent skills.

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Sandra spent her weekends and holidays with orphan special needs boys in her home. This experience ignited her passion for helping others, which led her to become a coach. Her mother, who was a counselor at the orphanage, played a significant role in shaping her values as a special needs mom.

As a single mother of a child with ADHD, ADD, and Anxiety, Sandra understands the challenges that parents face. However, she believes that it’s important to balance our needs with our children’s needs. She strongly believes that joyful parenting is possible, and her mission is to bring awareness to the importance of balance and help parents reclaim joy.

Over the years, Sandra has grown professionally and strives to be her best self daily. Her mother, Gladys Watson-Blount, has inspired her to spread kindness and help others. Sandra is passionate about advocating for improving daily living skills and understands the challenges of being a parent. She is talented at meeting families where they are and creating personalized focus plans that target challenging areas that most therapeutic agencies are unable to fully address. Her goal is to help families experience positive and lasting results. If you’re looking for real solutions, positive transformation, and accountability, Sandra is the coach you need.

Ms. Sandra is loving, professional and determined to help each child. She gathers and uses her education and experience and applies it to each individual child TO MEET THAT CHILD’S INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. Ms. Sandra is NOT a robot teacher. I wish Ms. Sandra could move in!


Ms. Sandra is loving, professional and determined to help each child. She gathers and uses her education and experience and applies it to each individual child TO MEET THAT CHILD’S INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. Ms. Sandra is NOT a robot teacher. I wish Ms. Sandra could move in!


We are grateful for the coaching, encouragement, step by step directions you provided us so we can teach him personal self care skills. Thank you for being apart of our son’s life.

Mr & Mrs. Pasyavala

You have a true gift and have always had the best interest of our special babies at heart.

T. Person

You are truly a blessing. You have my child reading and doing addition. Thank you so much for all you have done for my family.

C. Wilson

I am so happy with your services, my son is making progress, which I never imagined.

Mr. K, Henrico, VA

Sandra doesn’t have a magic wand, but I feel like she has empowered me to create some magic with my own kid.

C. Hogan, Midlothian, VA

To be honest, strengthening him in academics was just a perk/bonus compared to what she deposited into our family mentally and spiritually. Teaching me how to teach him, giving me the tools to adjust my mental state to accommodate HIS GROWTH AT THE PACE HE NEEDED TO FLOURISH AND SOAR! Michael is now reading at a strong 2nd-grade level and can make his bed, sort laundry, sweep, vacuum, and cook sausage/waffles. To other families that’s nothing, but for us, it’s a gift we are forever grateful for. Thank you, Ms. . Sandra


My husband and I have been desperate to help our disabled son become potty trained. When I reached out to my local, support group on Facebook several Moms immediately told me to contact Sandra! I trust this group so much; I knew if several Moms referred the same person, this person would be helpful! I contacted Sandra- She was fabulous; she showed up so happy and positive, and we immediately agreed on a plan. Long story short, my son made more progress once we started working with Sandra than ever before!! Highly recommend working with Sandra!

~Augustine Family

Sandra, you have taught me to be okay with not responding to everything my child says or does. It’s okay to not respond because of my nonresponse is a response.


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