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At Sunny Day Social Groups, we offer a safe and supportive environment for children, adolescents, and young adults to improve their social skills through small group interactions. Our programs are designed to provide effective social learning experiences that focus on specific social skill challenges. We welcome individuals of all abilities and ask that all participants actively engage in group and independent activities with minimal assistance throughout the meeting. If you have any concerns about your child’s ability to participate, please feel free to contact us to discuss possible accommodation.

Purpose of Social Groups

Socialization: Social groups help people learn vital social skills like communication, cooperation, negotiation, and conflict resolution.

Emotional Support: Social groups allow individuals to form bonds and friendships, which provide emotional support, reduce isolation, and help children cope with stress.

Development of Identity: Social groups can shape our self-identity by connecting us with like-minded individuals who share similar interests, values, or backgrounds.

Skill Development: Social groups develop problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, and decision-making skills through interactive activities and play, which are crucial for personal growth and success.

Exposure to Diversity: Social groups provide youth with exposure to diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives, which fosters empathy, tolerance, and a broader understanding of the world.

Sense of Belonging: Being part of a social group can provide young people with a sense of belonging and connection to a community, boosting their self-esteem and overall well-being.

Encouragement of Positive Behavior: Social groups often have rules and expectations for behavior, which can encourage positive behavior, such as respect, responsibility, and cooperation.

Our Groups


Our Littles group, which is designed for children in pre-kindergarten through second grade, focuses on developing social skills that promote peer interaction, self-awareness, problem-solving, and social awareness. The goal of this group is to provide an environment where children can explore their identities, learn about others, and develop confidence in positive social interactions. Through a combination of hands-on activities, basic cooking, game-based learning, self-expression, real-life scenarios, and peer engagement, the Littles group offers support, discovery, practice, and fun.

The Littles group meets for five (5) weeks of fun in the Fall and Spring and is led by experienced coaches who support and guide children through activities, engage with peers, and address social challenges.

Fall Topics:

  • About Me
  • Emotions
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Taking Turns
  • Personal Space & Safety


Spring Topics:

  • Friendship
  • Games Galore
  • Making Choices
  • Let’s Experiment
  • Kindness


When: The Littles group meets on Saturdays from 11 am to 12:30 pm
Fall: Mid-September – Mid-October
Spring: Mid-April -Mid May

Where: 1507 Huguenot Road, Suite 203, Midlothian, VA 23112

New Participants: $150 per participant, Non-refundable registration fee: $15
Returning Participants: $125 per participant

What’s Included:

  • Social Group Gatherings (Ratio: 1:3, 6 children max per session)
  • Healthy snacks (nut-free), and beverages are provided. Parents are welcome to send a healthy snack.
  • Welcome Gift
  • Portfolio Folder (Fall Group) – Contains information on the topics covered.

How: Register Here


Group: Teens (13-16 yrs.)
We are pleased to invite middle school students who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or Anxiety to join. Our program encourages self-expression, social engagement, and self-confidence. Participants will enjoy a range of activities including open conversations, game-based learning, whole and small group activities, and peer engagement. Our program helps participants develop strategies to improve in areas such as:

  • Executive Functioning
  • Cognitive Thinking
  • Emotional Management
  • Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Techniques
  • Social Interaction

Registering your teenager for our program can bring about a significant positive change in addressing their ADHD and anxiety. Our program provides a supportive environment where teenagers can develop crucial social skills, build meaningful friendships, and learn effective coping mechanisms. Through shared experiences and positive interactions, our program aims to foster a sense of belonging that can boost their confidence and emotional well-being. Participants will enjoy various activities from our curriculum, including open conversations, game-based learning, whole and small group activities, and peer engagement.

Please note that the teenager should be able to participate in the group meeting independently. Private meetings are scheduled separately and last for 30 minutes. During these meetings, the coach and teen will discuss and strategize to overcome specific concerns.

When: Starting February 2024, every 3rd Thursday at 6:45 – 7:30 pm (Excluding June, July & December)
Where: Zoom Meeting
Monthly Membership Options:

  • Premium Monthly Membership – Group Meeting, 2 Private Meetings – $120
  • Standard Monthly Membership – Group Meeting, 1 Private Meeting – $ 80
  • Basic Monthly Membership – $30 per Group Meeting

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We welcome you to contact us to host a social group or workshop for your organization.

Ms. Sandra is loving, professional and determined to help each child. She gathers and uses her education and experience and applies it to each individual child TO MEET THAT CHILD’S INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. Ms. Sandra is NOT a robot teacher. I wish Ms. Sandra could move in!


Ms. Sandra is loving, professional and determined to help each child. She gathers and uses her education and experience and applies it to each individual child TO MEET THAT CHILD’S INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. Ms. Sandra is NOT a robot teacher. I wish Ms. Sandra could move in!


We are grateful for the coaching, encouragement, step by step directions you provided us so we can teach him personal self care skills. Thank you for being apart of our son’s life.

Mr & Mrs. Pasyavala

You have a true gift and have always had the best interest of our special babies at heart.

T. Person

You are truly a blessing. You have my child reading and doing addition. Thank you so much for all you have done for my family.

C. Wilson

I am so happy with your services, my son is making progress, which I never imagined.

Mr. K, Henrico, VA

Sandra doesn’t have a magic wand, but I feel like she has empowered me to create some magic with my own kid.

C. Hogan, Midlothian, VA

To be honest, strengthening him in academics was just a perk/bonus compared to what she deposited into our family mentally and spiritually. Teaching me how to teach him, giving me the tools to adjust my mental state to accommodate HIS GROWTH AT THE PACE HE NEEDED TO FLOURISH AND SOAR! Michael is now reading at a strong 2nd-grade level and can make his bed, sort laundry, sweep, vacuum, and cook sausage/waffles. To other families that’s nothing, but for us, it’s a gift we are forever grateful for. Thank you, Ms. . Sandra


My husband and I have been desperate to help our disabled son become potty trained. When I reached out to my local, support group on Facebook several Moms immediately told me to contact Sandra! I trust this group so much; I knew if several Moms referred the same person, this person would be helpful! I contacted Sandra- She was fabulous; she showed up so happy and positive, and we immediately agreed on a plan. Long story short, my son made more progress once we started working with Sandra than ever before!! Highly recommend working with Sandra!

~Augustine Family

Sandra, you have taught me to be okay with not responding to everything my child says or does. It’s okay to not respond because of my nonresponse is a response.


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