We define differently-abled as any child who face challenges meeting milestones and completing age appropriate life skills task. Here at Sandra L. Thompson & Associates, we see abilities..and we help children and families overcome!
You can expect to have scheduled conservation using one or more of the following sources of technology; email, conference call, live chats to work toward a goal. Once you have purchased your package, you will receive direct coaching to address your concerns and challenges as a parent. As well as receive support and guidance with teaching your child skills. This service is perfect for families outside of the Richmond, Virginia area and or family seeking guidance.
We service all children. If your child faces any challenges completing age appropriate milestones or needs academic suoport, we can help. Your child does not have to have a medical diagnosis to receive our support and services.
We are currently a self-pay private service. We provide a complimentary 30 minutes consultative meeting to discuss the needs of the family and how we can help.
Sessions are held virtually, at home and in the community based on individualized service plan.
Areas of focus are based on parent inquiry and abilities of the child. Communication for one child will look very different for another. All areas of focus is individualized.
We are a private company offering individualized non-medical life skills services. We do not replace therapeutic or medical services. We are a bonus service which will produce results.
We are a family-oriented business that provides unique and result-driven programs for families. Our programs model evidence-based approaches, and practical strategies to meet each child, parent, and family union where they are. We understand the challenges of parenthood and have experienced the difficulty of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Our support brings forth transformational changes, progress, and most importantly lasting results.
Yes, we work with all families. Our focus is helping families who are brave enough to acknowledge they need help, seek our support, and put in the work to make a life-long change for their family and to reclaim their parenting joys.
We are a self-pay private service. Our service is an investment with lasting results.
We do not replace licensed therapeutic services. We are a bonus service, which will produce positive and lasting results. We have the flexibility and advantage of customizing your services to bring forth results other providers are not likely to deliver.
Objective, yet straightforward guidance and advice to support you and your family during your transformation.
Coaching is held by phone or virtually, and functional intervention is held at our office.
Yes. All families (parent/guardians) must sign a service agreement that outlines your services, fees, payment methods/schedule, and other terms and agreements. The agreement must be signed before the start of services.

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