Let us help you with your child’s academics during this nationwide pandemic. Distance Learning is available.

We focus on abilities!
Servicing children who face challenges meeting milestones and completing age appropriate life skills.  

Sandra L. Thompson & Associates teach, encourage and support differently abled* children as they learn and maintain functional life skills in various settings. We address challenging areas with an individualized systematic plan to help children overcome. 

We are confident that our team’s unique experiences and creative learning style will absolutely be an asset to your child’s growth.

*Children who have challenges  (with  and without a medical  diagnosis) which interferes and or impedes their learning. 


Located in Richmond, VA Servicing Nationwide

(804) 683-2965

our service

We help differently abled children be contributing citizens to their community. We provide support to parents.

our focus

We put an emphasis on the abilities of the child which has been proven to have a positive impact on progress.

our activities

We offer seasonal social skill events to focus on various character building and life skills.

Cooperative play in action.