Sandra L. Thompson & Associates Tutoring program offer common core skills tutoring services to children; PreK – 3rd grade and Differently Abled who demonstrates the need for systematic instruction to reach their potential.

Mission of the Program

The mission of the SLTA Tutoring Program is to motivate children to want to read for pleasure and to learn, to help children become engaged writers, and to ensure a strong grasp of number fundamentals.
Goals of the Program

  1. To offer a solid individualized instructional tutoring program to children who face challenges learning and retaining common core fundamental skills.
  2. Provide a child centered engaging program focusing on individual abilities and learning style.
  3. To create learning and discovery opportunities resulting in notable progress.

Our Approach

  1. Systematic – Skills are introduced and taught in small parts to assist with understanding and recall.
  2. Repetition – When skills are introduced and presented repetitively, it is more likely skills will be mastered and retained.
  3. Hands on – Children learn while engaged in “play” activities and tasks. We use a balance of creative non-traditional and traditional teaching practices which has been proven to create positive academic progress.
  4. Assessment and Instruction – Each child is assessed at the on-set of services and every three weeks to evaluate growth. Instruction goals and objectives are developed based on assessment results, parental input and other academic information. Instruction is offered in small group and 1:1 private lesson.

Session Sample Outline

A 60-minute tutoring session might include these segments: • Opening activity and review
• Instructional Goal 1
• Independent Review Activity
• Brain/Movement Break
• Instructional Goal 2
• Independent Review Activity
• Closing Activity/Review
• Follow-up assignment

Our Tutors

Tutoring is a much different way of teaching than class instruction. It requires a unique skillset and a structure, yet also flexibility of mind. Our tutors are experienced in early childhood, elementary and special education. We are...
• Prepared & well-organized
• Friendly and helpful
• Knowledgeable of subjects
• Strategy & skills driven
• Creative

Let's discuss how we can help your child improve their skills and motivation to learn.

I encourage you to reach out to us anytime. We are available to you.