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Academic Support

Systematic Academic Tutoring – Our goal is to help develop and practice academic skills in problem solving, language arts, writing and math.

Developing Language Arts skills.

Our tutoring services will help your child become confident and excited learners. We approach your child’s needs based on their learning style, personality and interests. We incorporate various textiles, visuals, tools and approaches to teach the skills to assist with recall.

Our tutoring services help children based on their abilities, not their age. It has been proven that each child learns differently. Learning happens in their timing. However, we nurture their hidden knowledge and abilities so they surface. We are known for bringing out the best of a child. Meeting children where they are is our specialty.

Our tutoring service is $20 per hour. To establish a good learning pace, we recommend at least two hours a week. We offer advance payment discount.

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“Ms. Sandra is loving, professional and determined to help each child. She gathers and uses her education and experience and applies it to each individual child TO MEET THAT CHILD’S INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. Ms. Sandra is NOT a robot teacher. “ ~ Mr & Mrs. Dufilho

“Her instincts with each individual student is quite amazing. Over the years, I have personally seen Sandra develop the most productive, honest and meaningful relationships with students and their families.“ ~  Rachel Ernest, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA

Counting and identifying numerals.