We are a private service for children and families. We are a bonus service to foster communication, independent and learning skills using our five components; natural environment, systematic instruction, individualization, behavior management and hands on tasks and activities.

Life skills is not just personal care, it’s also academics and tasks in the community.

We focus on :

Communication – Introduce, practice and maintain functional communication needs based on abilities.

Daily Living Skills – Introduce, teach and practice skills which will improve personal care, home living, and become contributing citizens to their community.

Social Skills – Learn and practice social skills related to character building, peer interactions, community outings and self advocacy.

Systematic Academic Tutoring – Learn and practice academic skills in problem solving, language arts writing and math.

Family Support –All parents receive support to address concerns and assist with implementing learned skills in their home environment to help feed the growth of their child. Parent coaching is available as an additional service.

“Miss Sandra has a special way with children, it’s truly impressive to watch.”

We consider each child and family on an individualized basis; all our services are guided by an application, interview and assessment process. We are committed to working with all children and families with no discriminatory actions based upon race, religion, age, physical or mental limitations and/or other disabilities.


  • What is your companies’ definition of differently-abled? We define differently-abled as any child who face challenges meeting milestones and completing age appropriate life skills task. Here at Sandra L. Thompson & Associates, we see abilities..and we help children and families overcome!
  • What can I expect when receiving consultation services? You can expect to have scheduled conservation using one or more of the following sources of technology; email, conference call, live chats. Once you have purchased your package, you will receive direct coaching to address your concerns and challenges as a parent. As well as receive support and guidance with teaching your child skills. This service is perfect for families outside of the Richmond, Virginia area and or family seeking guidance.
  • Do you only service children with a medical diagnosis? We service all children. If your child faces any challenges completing age appropriate milestones, we can help. Your child does not have to have a medical diagnosis to receive services.
  • Do you accept insurance? We are currently a self-pay private service. We provide a complimentary 30 minutes consultative meeting to discuss the needs of the family and how we can help.
  • Where are the sessions held? Session are held in the home and community based on individualized service plan. During Social Distancing mandate we are hosting sessions via LIVE media tools.
  • What will my child learn? Areas of focus are based on parent inquiry and abilities of the child. Communication for one child will look very different for another. All areas of focus is individualized.
  • Is your company categorized as therapeutic or medical service? We are a private company offering individualized non-medical life skills services. We do not replace therapeutic or medical services. We are a bonus service which will produce results.