Life Skills

Communication Skills

Communication – Our goal is to introduce, practice and maintain functional communication needs based on abilities.

Communication skills are addressed to meet the needs of your child. We reinforce skills learned during speech services, practice using communication devices/systems in the home and community, bridge communication skills from each environment.

We help strengthen your child’s communication skills.

Daily Living Skills

Daily Living Skills – Our goal is to introduce, teach and practice skills which will improve personal care, home living, and build confidence to become contributing citizens to their community.

Daily living skills are addressed to meet your child where they are and provide support to build on their abilities. These skills are essential for character building, skill productivity and contributing to the daily routines centered around personal care and home life.

Let us help build your child’s skill to be a helper.

Social Skills

Social Skills – Our goal is to create opportunities for children to learn and practice social skills related to character building, peer interactions, community outings and self advocacy.

Social skills are addressed to support your child while developing a sense of self, others and their environment. Practicing how to greet others, talk about common interest and rules of conversations are a few skills we will address over time. Developing social skills is important as your child interact with peers, family and others.

Peer interactions build friendships.

Our life skill services are $20 per hour. To establish a good learning pace, we recommend at least two hours a week. We offer advance payment discount.