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PARENTING SPEAKS is for parents of differently abled children of all ages. Sandra defines differently abled as any individual with and without a mental health diagnosis, who face challenges meeting milestones, which may affect their independent skills. Sandra has found that parents spend a fair amount of time consumed with addressing the disability instead of their child’s abilities. In addition, parents are exhausted and unsure of where to start to get or get back their voice. As a result, this self-help recipe book was birthed just for you!

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The Book That Keeps Giving

This book is here to help you learn and practice practical and functional approaches, which will help you, see results.  The approaches are written in a friendly recipe format to help guide parents as they address common challenges such as self-care, consistency, follow through, functional language, and achieving the most solid poker face possible.

Dive into this interactive, easy read self-help book. Sandra guides you through each recipe. She tells you just what you need, how much you need, and when you need it. These recipes will mix well at any stage of your parenting journey.

Sandra L. Thompson, Author
Sandra L. Thompson, Author

Sandra Thompson is an educator with expertise in special education and family coaching. Her experience as an educator, behavior (ABA) therapist and parent support coach have helped her create the special services that Sandra L. Thompson & Associates provides to families .

She utilizes her warm approach as a  Life Skills Specialist and Functional Interventionist  to help parents overcome challenges and brighten their outlook on parenting a differently-abled child.  ​

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Need guidance and support? Find out how Sandra’s coaching services can help you work through these recipes.

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Parenting Speaks: Practical And Functional Interventional Recipes! It’s refreshingly entertaining, educational and filled with phenomenal encouragement for parents. ~ Charlotte Howard, Charleston, S.C