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Helping differently-abled children become independent and contributing citizens to their community.

Sandra L. Thompson & Associates teach, encourage and support differently abled* children as they learn and maintain functional life skills in various settings. We address challenging areas with an individualized systematic plan to help children overcome. We offer individualized interactive life skills instruction to children who are differently abled between the ages of 2-18 years old. We support families with implementing and establishing routines and generalizing skills.

Our Approach

Our approach is consists of five components; natural environment, systematic instruction, individualization, behavior management and hands on tasks and activities. We have found that these five components operating together has produced notable progress for each child. These components help children succeed in areas of navigating their environment, greeting others, communication wants and needs, assisting their family with household chores, engaging in parallel and cooperative play, appropriately using writing tools, learning sight words and self-care skills. Their abilities are immeasurable…creating the opportunity is the first step.

We model evidence based principles, incorporate practical learning instruction and approach each child’s needs individually. We don’t have a magic wand or follow a script. We simply believe in each child by seizing every moment as a learning opportunity. Private instruction with our specialists, children are equipped with wings to soar.

Social Group Activity

Ms. Sandra is loving, professional and determined to help each child. She gathers and uses her education and experience and applies it to each individual child TO MEET THAT CHILD’S INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. Ms. Sandra is NOT a robot teacher. I wish Ms. Sandra could move in! ~ Mr. & Mrs. Dufilho

Areas of Focus

Areas of focus are addressed and individualized based the needs of the child and family. We focus on: Communication, Daily Living Skills, Social Skills, Systematic Academic Tutoring, and Family Support.

Systematic Academic Tutoring – Number and Reading Concepts

Our services help children discover, experience and broaden their verbal behavior by addressing ways to make ‘their language’ functional. We teach children essential self care and life skills to foster independence and to be contributing citizens of their communities.

We assist with academics by using a systematic approach. Also, we help families establish expectations, routines, learn strategies targeting functional performance and a listening ear from someone who understands.

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Our children are smart! They can tell us! Let them try! They can do it!

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Miss Sandra has a special way with children, it’s truly impressive to watch”. ~ E. Hardstock

With hands on instruction and caring guidance, progress happens!


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Richmond, Virginia